Naval Hydro Pack

Specialist in numerical marine hydrodynamics

Fully automated framework for ship resistance and self-propulsion simulations, enabling us to reduce the prices significantly. Check out our updated price list.

NEW: We have launched our Cloud Towing Tank service, take a look here.

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Evaluate your design in a cost-effective way.

With certified, accurate and extremely fast Naval Hydro Pack we provide an alternative to expensive towing tank experiments, giving you the ability to evaluate your design within few days.

We are more cost-effective than other CFD providers because we do not have software license costs and our simulations are highly automated.

Calm Water Resistance

For €400. In 24 hours. *

How does it work?

     1. You provide your CAD file and properties

     2. We give you the results within 24 hours*

*The delivery time and pricing is based on a displacement hull with standard appendages (e.g. rudder, bow thruster tunnel). It implies well defined input parameters and the geometry surface grid of sufficient quality. In case these requirements are not met, we will let you know as soon as possible. The delivery time might be longer based on the complexity of appendages (e.g. spray rails) and flow features (e.g. high Froude numbers for planning hulls). To provide a realistic estimate, we are constantly updating the specified delivery time,  depending on our current circumstances. Feel free to contact us with details of your specific design.

Secure and Protected Data Transfer

We understand that the information you provide may be sensitive for you.

This is why we have data transfer through our fully secure ownCloud service.

Who is Running Your Simulations?

Your simulations are performed by naval architects who developed the code and have strong background and expertise in both marine hydrodynamics and numerics for free surface flows.

All of us are intensively involved in the development, maintenance, extension, verification and validation of the Naval Hydro Pack.

Simulate More → Pay Less

Naval architecture is demanding and you often need to run more simulations (e.g. calm water resistance for different drafts, speeds or even different hull shapes).

This is why we offer significant discounts for packages of simulations based on your specific needs.

Want to Run Your Own CFD Simulations?

We either work for you or work with you to meet your CFD needs.

Based on the volume of CFD simulations you need or the licence fees for other software, it might be beneficial for you to start using the Naval Hydro Pack. We provide the source code, tutorials, our experience and in-depth knowledge under a yearly support contract.

Feel free to contact us at for additional information.

Special Offerings for Tools Under Development

We are constantly developing our software to meet your needs.

Certain projects requiring tools under development are provided for special discount prices. You directly benefit from low prices due to uncertain delivery times and we get the funding for further developing our code and procedures for special types of problems.

Take a look at our price list for current special offerings.

We are a team of naval architects and numericists with deep expertise in marine hydrodynamics, backed by some of the world’s most notable CFD experts and industry leaders.