Calm water resistance CFD simulations

How does it work?

  1. You provide your CAD file and properties
  2. We give you the results within 24 hours *

Fully automated framework makes these simulations more accessible by reducing the required man-hours from our side. Check out our price list.

With the current technology and procedures, we are confident in calculating calm water resistance of a ship within 2%, including sinkage and trim effects. Take a look at our references to see the detailed verification and validation of the code that we have been performing over the past few years.

Verification and validation of calm water resistance for the KVLCC2 model (left) and validation of wave pattern for the KCS model (right). 
*The delivery time is based on a displacement/semi-displacement hull with standard appendages (e.g. rudder, bow thruster tunnel). It implies well defined input parameters and the geometry surface grid of sufficient quality. In case these requirements are not met, we will let you know as soon as possible. The delivery time might be longer based on the complexity of appendages (e.g. spray rails) and flow features (e.g. high Froude numbers for planning hulls). To provide a realistic estimate, we are constantly updating the specified delivery time, depending on our current circumstances. Feel free to contact us with details of your specific design.