Wave loading and green water CFD simulations

We recently compared green water pressures at ten locations with experimental results for nine waves, including grid refinement studies and uncertainty assessment comparing: 9 × 10 × 4 = 360 items.

Results compared very well with experiments, although, the most exciting conclusion is that the numerical uncertainty is of the same order of magnitude as the experimental uncertainty.

For additional details on accuracy, uncertainty intervals and comparison with experiments, please refer to this paper.

Needless to say, we can also easily calculate wave loads (diffraction) on all kinds of structures. Check out the study presented in this work on higher order forces on circular cylinder for additional information.

CFD results compare well with experiments, with the same order of uncertainty.

What do we need from you for green water simulations?

  • CAD file
  • Locations for pressure/velocity gauges
  • Definition of the wave field:
    • Regular wave given by wave height and wave length (or wave period)
    • Sea state given by any of the wave spectra

What can we calculate for you?

  • First and higher order wave loads on the structure
  • Pressure and velocity traces at specific locations
  • Automatic detection of high impacts using the threshold pressure values with smart probes
  • . . . something else? Contact us at: navalhydro@wikki.co.uk